Crater x LEARN (Beta): Decentralized learning, the future of the content economy

Crater x LEARN (Beta): Decentralized learning, the future of the content economy


Crater is a streaming app, which is now integrated with LEARN, a BEP20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain, built by Rohas Nagpal. Crater, is built around an essential activity for most people – learning & human interaction. We are one of the first content platforms that effectively caters to creators that create live content in the professional domain - Stocks, WEB 3.0, Design etc - & to provide auctions as a method of monetization.

With the integration of LEARN, we now have the ability to introduce Game-Fi & Social-Fi elements to the process of content creation & learning.

With this integration now creators will be able to level up to become part of the LEARN Project. Subsequently, users who watch their content, perform actions on streams & compete in bounties, will earn them loyalty points (CRT) that are converted to LEARN. These thereafter can be used on the platform or transferred out.

Our belief is that we are moving from a format of “Learning from” to “Learning with” & consequently, every person can both create & consume educational or infotainment-based content.  Our aim is to nudge millions toward spending time productively, help up-skill society & create the next generation of content creators. With the integration of LEARN, we have the ability to now gamify this experience, reward those that are valuable members of the network & build a decentralized economy based on LEARN that are earned for creating value in society.

Getting Started

Native to Crater:

1. Sign up to Crater

The platform is accessible on all formats, web & mobile.

2. Watch. Chat. Bid

Users will be able to discover live streams on the platform. You can find streams & begin watching, chatting & learning.

If a user like a creator's content & want access to exclusive items, such as 1:1, access to private communities or even want to buy an item like their Art, they can do so by placing a bid at the live auctions.

With The LEARN Integration (Beta - Phase 1)

1. Daily Loot

Users each day have the ability to earn a max number of CRT (Daily Loot). The Daily Loot is based on the amount of content being created & consequently can be consumed. This is visible on the top right corner of the web platform - Learn & Earn Button.

2. LEARN Active. Watch & Earn

Streams with verified creators will have an indication to note that they are part of the Learn & Earn Project. It is on these streams that CRT may be earned as per the user earning mechanics.

The creators may also launch Bounties in the stream, where directly LEARN can be earned. These are direct transfers of LEARN from the creator to the user for winning the bounty.

Similarly, the verified creators will earn LEARN for creating content that the network finds valuable, determined by the creator earning mechanics.


Phase 1 of the project is to nudge users via creation of an incentive to begin watching content that is inherently valuable. Moreover, to kickstart the economy being created by LEARN. In subsequent phases, detailed in the Road Map (coming soon) further Game-Fi elements would be introduced.  

Earning LEARN Mechanics

For Users

On Crater users earn CRT that can be converted to LEARN upon the users request. The conversion is currently at a 1:1 conversion. Where 1 CRT is converted to 1 LEARN.

The formula for earning CRT as a user is as follows:

CRT earned = { (Users Daily Watch Time x 1) + (Number of Questions Asked x 2) / (Total Daily Watch Time x 1) + (Total Number of Questions Asked x 2) } x Daily Loot x  80/100


a) Additional LEARN maybe earned via the Bounty a creator launches & the pre-determined reward for winning those bounties.

b) The platform has also in-built anti-cheating mechanics to prevent users from just switching on & auto-playing streams on the background.

For Creators

The formula to earn CRT for creators is=

{ (Number of Users x Watch Time Per User x 1) + (Number of Questions Asked In Stream x 2) / (Total Daily Watch Time x 1) + (Total Number of Questions Asked x 2) } x Daily  LOOT  x  20/100

Creator Level Up

Only creators at Level 2 on the platform are eligible to be part of the LEARN Project, launch Bounties with LEARN & for users to be able to watch & earn CRT / LEARN via their streams.

The Process to become a Level 2 creator is:

  1. Complete 10 hrs of watch time or get referred by a verified creator

Once you complete 10 hrs of watch time, which is determined by the viewers' x watch time per viewer of your content, you are eligible for the LEARN Project. Once complete, you can apply for the same by emailing

As the network should be able to determine which creators are valuable, an existing level 2 creator can also refer up to 3 other creators that will become eligible for the LEARN Project.

2. Maintain a completion rate of greater than 51%

An indicator of the value of your content is the completion rate per user. You must maintain a completion rate of >= 51% to be part of the project.

Converting CRT to LEARN

CRT earned on Crater is made visible on the top right corner of the website (Learn & Earn Button). The user may see LEARN earned v. CRT, as the translation is currently 1:1, which is subject to change.

The CRT, not Burned, will be converted to LEARN & transferred to your MetaMask wallet every Friday in lots of 2000 i.e for each transfer to be complete on Friday the user must have CRT equivalent to at least 2000 LEARN in their in-app wallet or it is carried over to the following week.  

Note: All transactions pertaining to LEARN are carried out off platform by the LEARN project team.


LEARN is a BEP20 Token on Binance Blockchain. Phase 1 of the project is primarily around earning CRT & consequently LEARN, but a few ways for them to be burned will be introduced by early July.

  1. On Platform via auctions

CRT, similar to loyalty points,  can be used by the user as a payment alongside or in place of Fiat currency on the auctions. At the auction, creators may offer 1:1 interactions, access to exclusive live streams, art sale and access to communities, as a few examples. CRT can be converted to LEARN & then can be used to pay a portion or the complete cost, depending on how the creator has set up the auction.

2. Off Platform

Creators & other platforms are also in the process of integrating with LEARN. Thereby, the CRT once converted to LEARN & once transferred to a users MetaMask wallet, can be used to gain access to their offerings - which may be courses they create, offline meetings & other value-added services/content/products.

3. Phase 2 Offerings

In Phase 2, Early August as per Roadmap, of the project/integration, Crater would offer the following mechanics to Burn CRT & LEARN on the platform:

  1. Access to Back Rooms
  2. Levelling up to gain access to more content
  3. Quests: Competitions that can be entered into using LEARN

LEARN Supply via Crater

Crater is not a Web 3 native app & the Crater Team are not a set of blockchain experts, nor do we plan to masquerade as one. Consequently, the platform is not currently building its own Token or a blockchain-based infrastructure.

But given the alignment in missions when it comes to LEARN & Crater, the integration was made possible. The integration allows Crater to convert Craters loyalty points -CRT- to a max current Life Time Supply of 1 million LEARN in a 1:1 conversion, as per the agreed terms & conditions between Crater & Rohas Nagpal.

Earned not purchased

LEARN unlike other tokens is earned for learning / creating educational content. It is not bought on the public market currently.

It functions more like a Loyalty Program than a currency. But unlike traditional loyalty programs, given that it's based on the blockchain infrastructure, LEARN has applications that are not native to a singular platform. Consequently, spending time learning or creating content on one platform can unlock access to features & content on other platforms for the end-user.

Crater is not the custodian of  LEARN but rather a facilitator, which provides the option of indicating a preference of converting loyalty points (CRT) earned on Crater to LEARN.

Contact Us

If you are a creator that aligns with the mission & want to be part of the Learn Tokens Project on Crater, you can email us at

If you are a platform/company/ service that wants to build on top of Learn Tokens you can email Rohas at: _______


Note: The integration is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the document could be changed in the future.