What is the future of learning

What is the future of learning
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I was having an interesting debate with Vignesh Prasad on what we thought the future of learning & consequently, the future of platforms that facilitate such learning is. Here are a few things I think will hold true:

The future of learning is live, interactive, informal & consists of edutainment:
One belief is that the future of learning is not “learning from” but rather “learning with”. Moreover, the content will be facilitated live rather than via static posts/videos & not offer any structured format. One evidence of this is the dipping completion rates of courses (5-15%).

Creators will unlock immense monetary value:
Creators creating professional content will be able to earn significantly more than creators in the entertainment domain via their users. The reason is that the user consuming such content is of higher intent & a greater spending capacity.

Users' data, content & following, will be decentralized:
Today 44% of users adopting WEB 3.0 (using Crypto as a benchmark) in India comprise of 18-35-year-olds. These users are primed towards the decentralized future & consequently will seek out platforms that cater to those needs.

Value creation will be rewarded: Creating a platform i.e the tech is no longer hard. Consequently, providing a forum to create content yields limited value. Moreover, users derive value, not from the platform but rather from the content the other user provides. Consequently, the platform & thereby, the network will create an economy that incentives & rewards those that are delivering value to the network via their content or time.

While we are certain the future will see the emergence of such a platform, 3 things need to happen to see rapid adoption:

Facilitation: Do a search on Live Streaming on app store, what pops up? The first 100 apps are the same. They consist of hyper-casual content, entertainment & gaming. Consequently, we would need to see more builders: build products that facilitate this need rather than build the 101st entertainment app.

Incentive schemes: Today most of us, given the sheer volume of casual content we are exposed to, are primed toward consuming content that is hyper-casual. To break a user free from such habits, platforms will need to create strong incentives & gamified experiences to help user transition their habits.

WEB 2.5: While the tech of WEB 3.0 will certainly better lend to the world we imagine that is to come, such a platform will rely on network effects. Consequently, if platforms adopt WEB 3.0 technology, it needs to be done in such a way to deliver the value of the tech but at the same time not inhibit adoption by the masses.

That’s my magic ball reading for the day. Back to watching my playlist of cat memes.

Postscript disclaimer: I have nothing against entertainment content, I can see value in delivering joy to an end-user :)